Project: Repair an Asphalt Shingle Roof

I was in need of having the flashing around the boot cuff on my roof repaired as it was leaking into my master bedroom. Someone suggested this site to look for a repairman, and I found Roofing Resources of Georgia, LLC on this site. They called me right away. Even though it was not an emergency, I had a same day visit with a one hour window, which was awesome as we had a ton of rain last week and I didn’t want to end up being caught by the rain again where it could have gotten worse. The guys arrived, and they were prompt and courteous. They came right in, looked at the leak, and went into the attic to confirm. I was shown a picture on a cell phone, confirming the problem. They went up on the roof, found that I had another item in need of repair, just not as bad…but it need to be fixed. Showed both of them to me on the cell phone. It was $150 for the first one and $100 for the second one. I shaved off .5 point because this was a higher rate than any comparison I found online. I think it should have been along the lines of $200 at the most (minimum charge, plus $50 for each repair). I did bring it to their attention, BUT they also sealed the cracks in my dryer vent and sealed the nail areas in the flashing. They did this without me asking, which I appreciated. They also listened to some of my home improvement stories, so that was a plus. I would recommend them and use them again.