Attic Insulation

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Attic Insulation

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your Dahlonega, GA home requires proper attic insulation. Insulating an attic correctly can keep it comfortable throughout the year, no matter how small it is. In contrast, an attic with inadequate insulation can result in all kinds of issues, such as damp, moldy walls, and uncomfortable living spaces.

Having the right insulation in place makes a big difference in how much heat and cold is kept inside and outside. The insulation in your home prevents heat from escaping during the winter. Air can circulate through properly installed insulation throughout your home in the summer, and your home will be ventilated so that it does not overheat. Insulating your home will improve its energy efficiency more than any other home improvement project you can tackle. There can be no doubt that prices for energy have increased rapidly over the past few decades if one has lived long enough to witness it.

The insulation of an attic is unfortunately one of the most neglected projects. The attic of approximately 80% of American homes is not properly insulated. Consequently, a lot of energy is wasted, and many people spend unnecessary money on heating and cooling.

Providing you with attic insulation services is one of the services that RRG Roofing provides. There are multiple benefits to using an energy-efficient roof, including saving money on your monthly utility bill, providing greater comfort throughout your home, and protecting your roof from water damage.

If you’re having your roof re-roofed, now is the perfect time for adding attic insulation. Adding Owens Corning attic insulation to your new residential roofing system makes sense financially. There’s no need for a DIY attic insulation project, contact RRG Roofing today to find out how.

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Attic Insulation: What is R-Value?

As a measure of how well an item resists heat flow, the R-value can also be described as “the thermal resistance of an assembly.”  R-values are a measure of how well a material keeps heat from entering rather than letting it in.

The R-values of insulation are important to understand when choosing the best type of attic insulation for your home. It does not have anything to do with the density or thickness of the material itself. It is rather related to fiber density or the number of fibers per square inch. More air pockets mean a higher R-value, and thicker or denser insulation has more air pockets.

It is important to determine the right R-Value for your attic to effectively insulate it. The insulating value of your attic will be diminished when the insulation is too thin since it won’t stop air from passing through. If you have too much insulation in your attic, it can prevent airflow and restrict ventilation, leading to overheating and uneven cooling.

Why Is Proper Attic Insulation Important?

It’s not just the cost of utility bills that are reduced when homes are more energy efficient. Furthermore, they contribute less to global warming, which is one of the greatest threats to the planet today. Additionally, RRG Roofing’s innovative attic insulation systems provide homeowners and residents with these benefits:

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Proper Attic Insulation by RRG Roofing

It is the pride of RRG Roofing that your home is properly insulated and that its work is of the highest quality.

As a certified Owen Corning attic insulation contractor, RRG Roofing offers high-quality attic insulation products. As well as reducing your energy bills, these products protect your home from extreme temperature swings and make your roof last longer. Their purpose is to reduce heat loss and thus reduce your energy bills. You should also consider calling a local roofer near you for these reasons.

The RRG Roofing team is Top of the House certified by Owens Corning. This enables us to gain additional knowledge about attic insulation types from the insulation giant.

Over 17 years ago, RRG Roofing provided excellent service at an affordable price. Attics, walls, and ceilings have been insulated by us to solve countless homeowners’ insulation problems. Also, we offer a range of R-Value calculation options for different types of attic insulation and ventilation.

Attic Insulation frequently asked questions

What is the reason why additional attic insulation is a good idea during a re-roof project?

The roofing system on your home will already have been torn off when we re-roof it. In addition, you won’t have to step inside your house because the blow-in line will be introduced through the roof when you take off a few sheets of the roof decking. In addition to being quicker and more efficient, you will probably even save some money.

Which attic insulation is best for my home and why?

In our experience, the Owens Corning Attic Cat brand of attic insulation is the most effective. Fiberglass attic insulation was invented by Owens Corning, and no other brand can match it in the industry.

Are attic insulation products safe for my family and pets?

At RRG Roofing we are and have always been a partner of Owens Corning, the industry giant in attic construction. Aside from being safe, the blown-in attic insulation from Owens Corning is also Greenguard and Children & Schools certified. When it comes to safety, Owens Corning is unmatched.

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