Do You Have Homeowners Insurance?

Do you have homeowners insurance? RRG Roofing is here to provide you with this information. Roofs are providing us security and protection all the time, but the real question is whether we are also doing the same or not. Most people ignored the conditions and visible changes in their roof by thinking about the homeowner’s insurance policy. They believe that an insurance policy will always protect your roof whenever something happens, but it may not always be possible in all cases. 

During the formation of terms and policies of a homeowner’s insurance policy, the first thing that attracts the underwriter’s attention is the condition and state of the roof. Other essential factors are the roof’s age, where you belong or live, and what material is used to form the top. 


In the places like Georgia or North Carolina, where weather conditions can be observed, it is considered a high-risk state for the insurance companies or staff. So, there is a possibility that insurers may have strict underwriting requirements and compliance standards during the insurance of Georgia and North Carolina homeowners.

Here are the following instructions to ensure that both you and your insurance company are doing their best to keep their roofs covered.

How to keep your roof protected

To keep your roofs and home safe, you are required to do investigation, inspection, and repairers periodically if needed. Be aware of what damages are covered by the insurance policy, and you can also argue about certain damages with your insurer if required. For example, they are responsible for protecting against the damages caused by rain and wind, but there is the possibility that they may not cover the damages caused by hurricanes.

It’s essential to notice that the insurer will not renew the homeowner’s insurance policy for a home that is 20 years old. So, the maintenance of your roof is vital as the insurer will not provide you the insurance without the inspection of the roof. Some insurance policies also provide some terms and conditions for some repairmen. For instance, in Georgia and North Carolina, if the damage has covered almost 25 percent of the roof’s surface, the whole roof must be replaced.

It’s essential to keep the pictures of your house before and after the repair of the roof; it will provide you the evidence of the damages to claim the charges from the insurance company. You can easily keep a record of the cracks that you get repaired.

Keeping check of your roof regularly after 15 days can save you from significant damage. Look for the leakage, broken shingles, long tree limbs scratching the top, and blockage in the roof’s drainage system.

The losing granules of shingles are the first indication of roof damage as these granules give the roof a rough appearance and protect against the sunlight. Due to the decrease in the granules, sunlight directly affects the shingles and makes them lose their adhesive power and make it brittle and crack, which can eventually lead to the leakage of the roof.

When your roof is damaged

It doesn’t matter whether the damage is small or big. Make sure to call your insurance company to send the inspection officer to take notice of the damages. Most policies do not cover the damages caused due to negligence, old age, and simple wear and tear. 

Even if the damage is caused due to rain or hail, an insurance policy is obliged to cover those damages. Still, there are again some conditions to consider before covering the damages. Conditions like how much damage will be covered and how much you will be compensated. For example, if your roof is new, the company will pay for the whole repairmen or replace the top, but if your roof is older and under poor inspection, then the company will pay for the limited damages. The best way to know about the insurance coverage is to contact your insurance agent when you face a problem and discuss every detail with him. The conditions and policies described above may not fit every situation.

If you are thinking about the inspection of your roof or want to gain more information about these matters to provide good care and protection to your roof, contact RRG Roofing in Dahlonega and Blairsville, GA and Murphy, NC, and call us at 678-325-6949.

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