Get Your Roof Ready for Spring

Get your roof ready for spring with RRG Roofing! Here’s a simple guide for your spring maintenance check-up

Winter is finally coming to an end, and it may not have been as warm as we had hoped, but spring is coming, bringing bright sun and fresh air.

Only springtime home maintenance can ruin your happy state of mind: your gutters full of leaves, the dead plants in last year’s flowerbeds, cracks, and missing shingles on your roof… And that’s not all! You should also perform regular maintenance checks on your appliances, structures, and systems.

The RRG Roofing team has constantly been working to provide customers with the best roofing service. We are always advising on better taking care of our homeowners’ homes. The following easy-to-follow Spring Maintenance Check-up Guide allows you to feel at ease.


Get Your Roof Ready for Spring

Ensure your gutters are clean and replace leaky ones – improper drainage can result in water intrusion.

Ensure that your roof is free of missing, cracked, buckled, or curled shingles. Additionally, keep an eye out for dark spots – it might indicate a problem with your roof. Direct sunlight will deteriorate your roof and compromise your protection.

Thermal Imaging Inspection of your attic area is an excellent way to uncover roof leaks, which can be corrected quickly with a Roof Repair.

Ensure the flashing around chimneys, pipe boots, etc., is in good condition.

If you have debris on your roof, contact a professional RRG Roofing Contractor to help you.

Your Windows, Doors & Siding

Use a screwdriver to check the trim if you have windows and doors.

Repaint or replace your windows and doors if necessary. Fill cracks and caulk edges around your windows and doors.

 You can protect your siding against mold growth by pressure washing it – clean siding won’t attract mold.

To make sure all wood surfaces are painted, it’s good to check their paint. After applying a primer coat, sand the area with peeling paint and repaint it. 

Your HVAC & Water Heater

You should have your outside air conditioning unit cleaned and serviced – it will prolong its life and ensure effective operation.

Regularly replace your interior filters!

Regular inspections & maintenance of your water heater will also ensure better performance.

Your Concrete

Check your driveway and concrete slabs for cracks and fill them with concrete crack filler or silicone caulk. 

We also recommend power washing your driveway.

Check your gutters and downspouts

Whether you cleaned out your gutters and downspouts in the fall or not, you need to check for damage after ice and snow. 

Do a perimeter check from the ground to see if anything has come loose or detached from the house.

If you are going up on the ladder, check the downspouts and the chimney for any clogs, and make sure water is draining away from your foundation.

During this process, also look at your roof shingles and chimney to see if anything has been damaged. 

You can hire contractors in your area to climb a ladder for you if you’re not comfortable doing so.

Fix cracks

Fill any cracks in your foundation, walkways, or patio that may have opened during the winter. 

This will prevent water from getting into your house and causing damage.

Ensure your patio and walkways slope away from your home’s foundation, so water does not collect there.

Move wood, junk away from your house

I urge you to move the dead firewood you had up against the house all winter.

It is damp and will become a breeding ground for a variety of insects. 

I also encourage you to move any junk you left out all winter where water can accumulate when all the ice and snow melts. 

You’ll have bugs all winter long because they’re breeding now.

Don’t forget the inside

You can also take the opportunity to declutter your home by changing or cleaning your furnace filters, checking your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, cleaning your dryer vents, and having your fireplace cleaned.

Be Prepared for Yard Work

Making sure your lawnmower is ready for summer is a good idea!

Whether you did it in the fall or not, now’s the time to drain and replace your lawn mower’s oil, sharpen the blades, remove caked-on grass and mud, and lubricate the moving parts.

For more information, contact RRG Roofing at 678-326-4951. We service areas in Dahlonega, Blairsville, GA, Hiawassee, GA, and Alpharetta, GA.

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