What is the Lifecycle of a Roofing Shingle

RRG Roofing presents you with what is the lifecycle of a roofing shingle? A roof replacement is a major investment – one that most homeowners go through at least once. So, it’s natural to wonder how long you can expect your shingle roof to last. 

The answer to this common question is complicated as there are numerous factors that determine how long your roof will last. Shingle roofs are considered good for about 20 years, depending on the quality of the materials, where you live in relation to extreme weather conditions, and how well you maintain it.

So, what is the lifecycle of a roofing shingle? To get the most out of your investment, it helps to understand the three main stages in the lifecycle of a shingle roof

What is the Lifecycle of a Roofing Shingle

What is the Lifecycle of a Roofing Shingle

Stage one: A New roof

The new roof phase generally lasts for about two years and begins as soon as the last shingle is nailed in place. This stage in a roof’s lifecycle is a period of rapid aging, at least initially. This period is also known as the curing phase. 

The term “curing” is used to describe the process of the roof and the materials that make up its construction (e.g., shingles and wood) settling into their final form. As the material settles, it expands; and as it expands, it creates voids and air pockets. By curing, we mean allowing these undesirable conditions to dissipate.

This results in a softer, more flexible roof that can better withstand wind damage and other hazards. 

Stage two: Mid-life roof

The initial curing phase is typically considered to be the first 12 months. After that, the roof enters an extended period of aging slowly. This period lasts for the major portion of the shingle’s natural life, which is typically between 12 and 15 years.  

Signs of normal aging include minor granule loss, cracking, and other signs of weathering, but not in any significant amount that would be cause for concern. The aging process continues until whatever point at which granules are no longer produced or installed on the roof.

What is important for homeowners to remember during this relatively quiet stage of a roof’s lifecycle is to keep up with roof maintenance. Every building’s roof system must be inspected and maintained regularly in order to meet the challenges of nature and time.

Though roofing systems typically have their peak years of service somewhere between 15 and 20 years, they can last for more than twice that time with proper maintenance. Annual inspections can help you catch problems early, which is less costly in the long run. 

Remember, small defects can lead to major repairs that can compromise the entire roofing system and make a major dent in your wallet. Even a warranty can’t protect a homeowner from shouldering the responsibility of an ill-maintained roofing system. A warranty can be voided if there’s been extended neglect.

Stage three: old roof

After 12 to 15 years, a home’s roof is entering its declining years and the aging process generally accelerates rapidly. It’s during this stage in a roof’s lifecycle that homeowners should start considering replacement.

The experts say that common signs that it’s time for a replacement include cracked, missing or broken shingles, staining, blisters, excessive loss of granules, or exposed bald spots. 

Replace your roof with RRG Roofing

In general, a home’s roof system is a long-lasting investment that will add beauty and security to your home for years to come. 

However, the actual lifespan of a shingle roof depends on proper installation and maintenance, as well as the use of quality materials. Working with the experienced roofers at RRG Roofing can go a long way towards ensuring that you get the most value out of your roof. Decades of experience and best practices guide our team to ensure that your shingle roof is installed using the proper techniques and materials. We begin by selecting high-quality materials such as shingles made from PVC or fiberglass, along with durable fasteners such as aluminum nails. These materials withstand the elements for years. 

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