Skylight Repair and Replacement

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Skylight Repair and Replacement

Do you need a skylight repair and replacement? If so, Velux Skylights are some of the most stunning and functional design components you can include on your roof. Professional installation of skylights or roof windows requires skills and expertise for long-lasting leak-proof results. This is where the Velux skylight experts from Roofing Resources of Georgia can make your roofing project excel.

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Skylight Repair and Replacement: Velux Skylight Experts

Velux Skylights & Roof Windows is the leading manufacturer of skylights in the world. As long-time partners of Velux, Roofing Resources of Georgia can provide you with the highest quality skylight repair and replacement for complete leak-free peace of mind.

To become the prestigious Velux Skylight installation specialist, a roofing contractor must meet Velux’s stringent requirements and complete their advanced training program.

At RRG, our experts have the in-depth product knowledge and are fully trained to install all types of Velux products including skylights, solar skylights, remote control skylights, and sun tunnels, among others. So, your skylight installation will be fast, smooth, and hassle-free.

Skylight Repair and Replacement: Why Choose Velux Skylights?

1. Bring Mood-Enhancing Natural Light to Your Rooms:

One of the main reasons why homeowners install a Velux skylight in their home is to allow natural light to enter their rooms. This means you don’t have to rely totally on artificial lighting, which can help reduce your electricity bills.

More importantly, natural sunlight is also beneficial for your mood and psychological health. Natural light has a balanced amount of colors that have beneficial effects on sleep as well as circadian rhythms. So, you can instantly improve your and your loved ones’ lives by simply adding a roof window or skylight to your home.

2. Achieve Better Ventilation:

If you opt for the fresh air Velux skylights that can be opened and closed, you can boost the ventilation in your home by allowing fresh air into your rooms. Proper ventilation is crucial for reducing moisture-related issues like mold and mildew that can lead to musty odor and even structural damage if left unattended.

3. Never Worry About Unnecessary Noise With Velux Skylights:

Some homeowners are concerned about introducing noise, unwanted light, or drafts in their home after a skylight repair and replacement. The good news is, with a skylight from trusted brands like VELUX that are professionally installed by experienced and trusted specialists like Roofing Resources of Georgia, you can rest assured that your home will stay calm, quiet, and dark whenever you want to sleep. You can also install well-fitted VELUX black-out blinds & the Velux noise-reducing glazing enhances noise reduction and darkness even further.


4. Velux’s Unrivalled Reputation:

VELUX has been the leading skylight and roof windows brand for over 60 years. Over the years, Velux has invested heavily in innovative designs and energy-efficient technologies to create a wide variety of skylights and window accessories that can enhance any home. Renowned for its high-quality products and strong reputation, VELUX skylights are easy to operate for any homeowner. They’re virtually maintenance-free. So, you can enjoy top-notch performance and energy efficiency for years to come. Rainwater will keep your Velux Skylights clean utilizing the special coatings.

5. Save on energy costs with Solar Powered Skylights:

One of the most innovative skylights from VELUX is their incredibly energy-efficient solar-powered Fresh Air Skylights. These skylights feature a solar panel that traps sunlight during the day and utilize it to charge the batteries in an advanced system that controls the window’s opening and closing. The included batteries are extremely efficient. So, they need a minimal amount of light to charge. To achieve a neat and seamless appearance, the battery is concealed. There is an inbuilt mechanism that automatically closes the unit when it rains keeping your home and property safe and dry.

6. Safety, Durability, and longevity:

Finally – VELUX skylights are absolutely safe and extremely durable. These skylights are designed in accordance with the Georgia building codes and feature high-quality laminated glass that looks stunning and performs optimally in all weather conditions. The Velux Skylights are impact-resistant as well.

The VELUX flashing kits’ skylights keep water away from your home. So, you don’t have to rely on sealants that can deteriorate over time. VELUX flashing can fit almost all types of roofing systems so you can rest assured your skylight installation will be watertight and last for years and years. Velux has the only no-leak warranty when you use a Velux flashing kit with your skylights.

Skylight Repair and Replacement: Must-Have Accessories for Your Skylights

VELUX blinds: The blinds can help screen sunlight whenever you want a shady or dark environment to take a nap or to just relax. You can opt for electrically powered blinds that can be easily controlled at the touch of a button. Some models are also solar-powered that can save you money on your utility bills without compromising on the functionality. Manual ones are available for people that have no difficulty controlling their sunshades by hand.

Available in more than 100 stunning colors, Velux blinds give you the ability to allow variable amounts of natural light to enter the home. Accordingly, you can choose between Venetian blinds and blackout blinds.

Efficient and cost-effective Velux blinds can help you attain privacy while improving the energy efficiency of your home. Velux solar power blinds can also help you qualify for the solar tax credit.

Other versatile accessories include a system for automatically opening or closing your skylight. This is particularly helpful in situations where a skylight is installed in an area that is difficult to access. Get in touch with our project managers to see the complete range of VELUX Skylights accessories and to know how they can make your skylights a lot smarter, more versatile, and more secure than you can ever imagine.

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