A Customer Testimonial of Loving Windows

A customer testimonial of loving windows from RRG. We, RRG Windows, believe in selling the best quality products that we can find. We love when our customers embrace their new windows with gusto and appreciation. 

One such customer saw the light of RRG Windows after she had her windows replaced with the exclusive Quantum2 Heat mirror windows. Miss Carol is a long-time resident of Montgomery Village, Maryland, a community just northwest of the nation’s capital, she has lived in that home for 37 years and knew it was time to get the windows replaced. 

A Customer Testimonial of Loving Windows

She works as a real estate agent so she knows that she should get her windows replaced to enhance the value of her home.

“I was very aware of windows, especially double-paned windows, and the problems you can have with them. I wanted to see about their installation, the product itself, and why and what their prices were”

Carol did her research and she found our platform during that and she knew right away that RRG Windows are trusted partners and we can help them in the improvement of her business and homes. So, she gave us a call then to discuss the procedure.

Questions and Answers

The Good thing about Carol was that she knew what she was after so she did not hold back her questions and asked different questions about the Heat Mirror Windows once the product specialist came to the door. The installation process, the products themselves, our warranty, financing options, and much and carol covered it all. We made sure that she gets all the information that she wants before the purchase.

“He really knew his stuff because I really put him through his paces. I wanted to see that product, and I wanted to see why you think it is so great.”

True to the RRG Windows, Carol’s product specialist answered every question Carol threw his way with passion and her expertise. Our demonstrator explained perfectly how the RRG Windows will keep the Mid-Atlantic heat during the summer.

When the time came to sign the dotted line to make the purchase and start the process of window replacement, Carol did not hesitate, not even for a second. Even she was facing financing limitations, our product specialist worked with Carol to set up a financing package that allowed her to get RRG Windows into her home as soon as possible.

“He made it so easy to buy these windows.”

Ling the Long Life

After a one-day installation, Carol’s new RRG Windows has been a game-changer. They have reduced noise from the neighbors, trains, and passing-by cars. Moreover, it has also lowered the heating bill along with the electricity bill. The Heat Mirror Windows in Carol’s home has given a peace of mind since the day they were installed.

“My electric bill is way down. My gas bill is way down. I cannot hear the train. I live only a half-mile from the train and I cannot hear the train. I cannot hear my neighbors. It is wonderful. The windows are wonderful.”

The superior products that we offer are combined with our promise of high quality and we fixed her windows perfectly. We made RRG Windows an easy choice of replacement for Carol. We are glad that Carol chose us and we were there to make her and her home a great long investment. 

If you have roofing needs in Dahlonega, GA or Murphy, NC, call RRG today at 678-325-6949.

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