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Cary-Rich-Founder-and-CEO RRG Roofing

Cary Rich, Founder

Cary Rich is the owner of Roofing Resources of Georgia. He likes fast cars, karaoke, and Single Barrel Jack. He loves his wife, kids, and Baby Kayden.


R.I.P Pete was born in 2007 and has been with Roofing Resources of Georgia his whole entire life. Pete holds the office down, lets us know when it is time to collect the mail, and keeps us all in line. He does take a lot of snack breaks but that’s probably our fault. When Pete isn’t working hard he enjoys boat rides, trips in RRG trucks, spending time with his family, and bacon!

Josh Rich, Roofing Pro

Josh has been with Roofing Resources of Georgia since 2012. Josh played a big role in building the foundation of RRG by working with his dad, Cary Rich, as a roofer during the summers while in college. He started full-time as a Roofing Pro in 2014 and has been a leader in the company ever since. When he isn’t working hard for RRG he likes to spend time on the lake and is an avid motorcycle enthusiast.

Andrew Prince, Roofing Pro

Andrew has been with Roofing Resources of Georgia since 2012. He started out as a Project Manager, and through constant customer service, incredible work ethic, and product knowledge he has grown to be one of our most valuable Roofing Pros! Andrew has helped hundreds of customers get the roof installation and customer experience they truly deserve! In his free time, Andrew enjoys spending time in the outdoors and with his family.

Steven Faulkner, Roofing Pro

Steven has been with Roofing Resources of Georgia since 2020. He loves the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and kayaking. He is originally from north Mississippi. Steven has three dogs and played college football.

Izzy Ferreira, Roofing Pro

Izzy‘s family is from Brazil. He has been married for one year and loves to cook. He also has a 1-year-old dog!

Caleb Stewart, Roofing Pro

This handsome devil hails from Dahlonega GA, and brings more than just good looks to the table! Caleb spends his free time cooking delicious dishes in the kitchen, and taking care of his daughter! Caleb brings charm and compassion to RRG, and is an invaluable Roofing Pro!

Nick Chaput, Roofing Pro

Nick calls Dahlonega GA home, growing up within walking distance of our main office. The Gentle Giant of RRG, Nick’s Height isn’t the only thing that stands out! Nick brings his fantastic wisdom, and compassionate attention-to-detail to every customer and every roof. He’s a staple of our RRG Roofing Pro team!

Matthew Thomas, Roofing Pro

A Gainesville GA Born-and-raised pro, Matthew brings creative flair to our Roofing Pros! When he isn’t spending his free time with his wife or daughter, Matthew is also a talented musician and performs guitar, drums, and vocals on his own music! Matthew brings unique insight, and creative drive to every roof every day here at RRG!

Jesse Loggins, Roofing Pro

A Native Son of Cumming GA, Jesse is a hunter and family man. Jesse brings the same dedication to the office he packs out into the woods when bagging a ten-point buck. His tireless work-ethic, and passion for getting our customers the best has made him an incredible member of RRG’s Roofing Pros!

Nick Francis, Roofing Pro

From Cumming GA. Nick is an avid sports fan and you’ll either find him at the game or on the job every Saturday! Nick has the sharp instincts of a Franchise Quarterback and will deliver your roof on-target for a TD! He is a core member of our RRG Roofing Pro Team!

Justin Lee, Roofing Pro

From Leesburg GA, Justin is one of the fresh new faces here at RRG! His dedication to our customers has made him a standout among our Roofing Pros from Day One! Justin enjoys Hunting in his free time and lives by the motto: No Bragging ’till you’re Bagging!

Johnny “Bucky” Sosebee, Lead Production Manager

Johnny, also known as “Bucky” loves the outdoors! His favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors are by riding his motorcycles, camping with friends, and shooting guns!

Brenda Howard, Accounting

Brenda has been doing accounting for Roofing Resources of Georgia since 2017. She is known as “The Closer”. Brenda loves old cars and lives on a boat.

cim bio pic

Cimarron Mason, Scheduling Coordinator

Texas born, living in Dawsonville Ga. Cimarron is our customer service pro with the smile you can HEAR! Her free time is spent riding 4-wheelers, loves bird-watching with her husband, and has 2 grown sons! She is the first point of contact for our customers, so you’ll be sure to memorize Cimarron’s shining voice from estimate to completion.
Cimarron says – “PLEASE, feel free to call me 7 days a week!”

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