Metal Roof Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Metal Roof Maintenance Tips for Homeowners in Dahlonega GA. Despite being higher in cost than shingles, metal roofing is a rewarding investment that comes with a slew of benefits. Metal roofing is known to last around twice if an asphalt roof, and it does so without need of expensive repairs.  Maintaining a metal roof is remarkably simple compared to maintaining other roof types, like asphalt shingles, but that doesn’t mean regular maintenance isn’t required. Doing so can ensure you get the most out of your metal roof investment and keep your home protected from exposure to the elements.

Metal Roof Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Here are some ways you can care for your metal roof to help it last a lifetime:

Safety Tips for Maintaining a Metal Roof

A roof inspection can save you from an expensive repair or replacement. However, a rooftop inspection is best performed by someone who has experience conducting visual inspections of roof structures, or who has taken the time to learn how. If you are uncomfortable scaling your ladder or walking on your roof, don’t attempt a roof inspection and take proper precautions to prevent serious injury or worse, death. Your safety is of the utmost importance, so you’re better off calling a roofing professional you can trust to handle the job for you. Don’t put yourself at risk unnecessarily. Unless you have a background in professional roofing, it’s probably best to leave the climbing to the experts.

If you are an experienced handyman and feel you’re ready to tackle the job, be sure to review and abide by this checklist of safety requirements when attempting any metal roof maintenance, especially standing seam metal roof maintenance:

  • Use OSHA-approved fall protection.
  • Wear soft-soled shoes. Avoid wearing black-soled shoes since the marks they leave on your metal roof’s surface can be difficult to remove, making maintenance on a metal roof even more challenging.
  • Minimize foot traffic. Don’t walk on the rake flashings, gutters, any skylight or fiberglass panel, or hip or ridge flashings. Only walk on flat areas of the metal roof panel and near supports to prevent slips.

Once all safety requirements have been addressed, here are tips for proper maintenance of your metal roof:

6 Metal Roof Maintenance Tasks

1. Thoroughly Clean the Gutters

Cleaning out your gutters is an essential part of home maintenance. Downspouts and drain boxes help shed water away from your foundation and toward the street, keeping your home dry and Your gutters can also accumulate debris that can prevent water from flowing properly. Leaf mold buildup is especially problematic during the fall months when wet weather typically follows a cold snap. When debris gets clogged up in your gutters, it can lead to a wide range of issues including water damage to your home’s roof, siding and foundation. It’s recommended to clean out your gutters at least twice per year—more frequently if you live in a windy area where leaves and debris can accumulate at a faster rate.

2. Trim Away Tree Branches

Trim overhanging branches so they don’t touch and potentially damage your roof.  Stormy weather can cause heavy tree limbs to fall and scratch or dent your roof. If you see signs of damage from a loose tree limb or branch, have an expert look at your roof right away to ensure there are no underlying issues that need to be addressed. 

3. Look for Roof Penetration

As your roof ages, or is damaged by severe weather, leaks can occur over time. Whether from accumulated drips or busted gaskets, cracks, seams, or penetrations in your metal roof allow water to leak through into your roofing system, creating an environment for water damage to spread. Metal roof leaks are rare but can occur around air vents and skylights. To help prevent this, be proactive and check your roof regularly for leaks. Be sure to fill any identifiable cracks with a flexible metal roofing sealant. Metal roof repairs are an affordable alternative to replacing your entire roof.

4. Check for Loose or Damaged Roof Parts

To ensure your roof is performing at its best, there are certain areas you should check. This includes loose flashings, roof sheets, fasteners, ridge caps, closures, or venting materials, and more. If you’re unsure what you need to look out for, call in a roofing professional you trust to help you identify any issues. 

5. Inspect for Corrosion

Don’t just worry about any potential leaks from the roof, check out your heating and air conditioning systems for potential leaks around the duct work, vent covers or even your chimney. Check around the chimney, heating and air vents, air conditioners and any oil condensers above cooking areas. All these areas commonly release steam, heat and chemicals that can break down the paint on your metal roof and lead to corrosion.

6. Clear Waterways

As eaves, sticks and other debris collect on your roof, water is unable to properly run off and drain from the roof. Any flat area on your roof can become a pooling area. Water that pools up on the roof can do a lot of damage. It can cause mold, rust, or other rot to eat through your roof and ruin it. The best way to prevent this from happening is to make sure there are no obstacles on your roof. If you notice that there are places where water is collecting and not draining away properly, then get rid of anything that might be causing this issue.

Work With Experts You Can Trust

A metal roof can be an investment in your home’s value and integrity. Understanding how to properly maintain a metal roof will keep it looking new for years to come. At RRG Roofing, we know that maintaining your metal roof is an important part of caring for your investment. As a trusted provider of metal roofing repair, we proudly offer our customers comprehensive metal roofing solutions and customer service second to none. 

The professionals at RRG Roofing are standing by to assist you with all your metal roofing needs! For more information about metal roofing, visit our website or call RRG Roofing today at 678-325-6949

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