How to Find a Roof Leak in a House Without an Attic

Here is an article on how to find a roof leak in a house without an attic from RRG Roofing. Several telltale symptoms may show roof leakage. Does your home lack an attic? Don’t worry! This helpful guide will show you how to locate the source of the leak.

A leaking roof is one of the more silent ways to harm your property. If you do not have access to an attic, you may not discover a leaking roof for days, weeks, months, or even years. 

Mold and illnesses thrive in damp environments, such as the one your leaking roof may create. So, your house and health may be progressively declining, and you may not be aware of that. Besides, roof repairs may become costlier if you do not discover the problem earlier.


Discovering a Roof Leak 

Follow this procedure to narrow down the source of the leak:

Inspecting Your Home’s Exterior

  • Take your ladder: Start checking your roof with a basic visual inspection. Place your ladder firmly and get someone else’s help to hold it. Then, follow these simple steps with the help of your ladder.

  • Be careful: Be careful not to hurt yourself by falling off the ladder or roof when you begin your check. Do not go up there unless someone knows what you are doing. If you do not feel confident doing this roof evaluation, call a professional. Expert roofers know how to deal with different roof slopes and materials. Besides, they use safety equipment to reduce the risk of injury.

  • Verify flashing: Pay close attention to any flashing for signs of rust or cracks. If your flashing is not in good condition, rainwater may enter your home via the ceiling.

  • Going up to a roof is a risky task. Thus, hire a professional roofer to ensure a correct repair.

  • Check windows and siding: Check the joints between the siding and the roof, looking for spaces between them. Also, check the exteriors of the windows for any cracks or openings. Do you want to replace the siding or fix the window to stop the leaks? Call a contractor or expert roofer.

  • Roof vents: Check for cracked or loosened vents. Such cracks allow water to flow through the roof and into the space below. Likewise, check the areas near your roof’s vents for any signs of damage. These symptoms suggest your roof may be leaking. The seals around the vents require special care. 

  • Mold, Mildew, and Moss: The presence of mold, mildew, or moss might indicate problems with the roof. Therefore, pay attention to your roof’s coloration. Can you see dark spots on the roof? These discolorations are a red flag since moss can cause irreparable damage.

  • Contact a roofing company as soon as possible if you see moss.

  • Missing shingles: Try to spot missing shingles from the ground or the ladder. It is not easy, but safer if you are not an experienced roofer. You may use a pair of binoculars. Besides missing shingles, look for cracked or curling ones. If the condition of your shingles is poor, replace them.  
  • Walk across the roof if you know how to do it. Does it feel soft? If so, it is time for a roof replacement.


Inspecting Your Home’s Interior

  • Ceiling stains: The telltale sign of a roof leak in a home is a stained ceiling. These stains show that water has filtered through your roof structure. Now, it has reached your ceiling and created that stain. If you do not address this problem quickly, it may require a costly repair soon.

  • Mildew and mold: You may not notice their presence inside your home at first, but you can perceive the odor. So, locate the source of the odor. You may find a discolored spot on the ceiling or walls. 

  • Bloated walls: Walls may bloat if water leaks through your ceiling. This issue may sign a roof leak in the area above the wall. Did you find this problem in your house? Make a professional roofer to examine your roof.

Finding a Roof Leak When You Have No Attic

All the problems we mentioned before point to a roof that needs repair. Do you need help with a roof inspection or repair job? You can contact RRG Roofing today!

You can rest easy knowing that our services will not let you down. We gladly serve residential and commercial property owners. For years, we have got nothing but happy clients. We have perfected our methods so we can be both comprehensive and quick.

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