Top 5 Reasons Why Most Kitchen and Bathroom Consultations Are a Waste of Time

Top 5 Reasons Why Most Kitchen and Bathroom Consultations Are a Waste of Time. There is no dearth of contractors in the country that will be ready to assist you in your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. Unfortunately, many of these consultations with numerous incompetent contractors prove to be just a waste of time and money. So, where do things go wrong? Let’s take a look at some of the prominent reasons:

Top 5 Reasons Why Most Kitchen and Bathroom Consultations Are a Waste of Time

Reason #1 –Spending Little Time Knowing Your Exact Needs

A typical consultation with some bathroom and kitchen remodeling contractors lasts approximately 20 to 30 minutes. A kitchen or bathroom remodel is a complex project. This is why contractors must spend sufficient time getting to know you and your needs to provide you with a fair estimate.

Reason #2 – Poor Design Skills 

Ordinary contractors don’t know how to implement software and technology necessary to create a stunning and functional design. No wonder, many contractors lack design expertise.

Some contractors tell homeowners to hire their own designer, while other inadequately trained ones will give you a “rough sketch” that they have done (typically with a pencil on any paper they can find). 

These are the warning signs that your project is in trouble. It is almost certain that your remodel will result in a major disappointment if you don’t have a clear plan and a well-thought-out design right at the start. 

Reason #3 – The Contractor Doesn’t Show You the Product Samples

Most remodeling contractors rarely show you any product samples in your first consultation. And even when they do bring them, the samples are not sufficient enough to make an informed decision.

Being able to examine real samples of a product is very important. Seeing it in person and in your own home is much more convenient and effective than viewing it online or at an outlet. 

Reason #4 – Lack of Financing Options

Sadly, many contractors are not experienced enough to calculate even something as basic as an accurate estimate. So, don’t count on them to provide you with the financing options. No doubt, some homeowners already have solid plans in place on how to finance their remodel. But for others, a shortage of financing options is a major hurdle.

Reason #5 – They Don’t Follow-Through

After conducting some meetings with the contractors, most homeowners are shocked at how many contractors do not follow up with them. That’s certainly an irresponsible behavior and just shows that they’re not serious about your project. Unfortunately, we have heard about businesses failing on something so simple so many times.

They spend around 20 minutes with you; measure a few areas in your house, and soon after leave your home saying, “I’ll call you with an estimate.” Then… there’s absolutely nothing. They won’t contact you again until you do, and sometimes they won’t call you back at all.

(We don’t recommend doing business with remodelers who will harass you for providing you something as basic as a quote. If they’re showing such unprofessionalism even before starting your project, you can imagine how will your project turn out in their hands?).

An incompetent contractor may provide you a quote in a few cases. It then becomes a question of… how are those prices determined? Considering, the short time they spent at your home, it’s almost impossible that that you could get an accurate quote from them. Cost disputes are likely to follow in such cases later on. If possible, you should avoid such headaches at all costs. 

Say Goodbye to Unprofessional Consultants & Inaccurate Quotes

RRG Roofing is the leading and most trusted Kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors in the region. Our process begins with a detailed consultation, which is part of our proven process, to ensure our clients get the best results every single time. You won’t miss anything:

  • When we meet with you for your initial consultation, we devote more than enough time to know your needs and goals as far as your remodeling project is concerned. Our knowledgeable experts will clear all your doubts and questions. We never cut corners just to save some time or money.
  • To provide you with a valuable consultation experience, our consultants arrive in vehicles stocked with all the samples you need to make a wise decision.
  • We have some of the most experienced and skilled designers in the area- we complete a lot of projects regularly so we are up to date with the latest trends in the industry.
  • Our state-of-the-art design software allows us to create a custom designs to fit your exact needs and style preferences on your very first visit. 
  • In the very first appointment, we don’t merely say, “we’ll get back to you.” We provide you with an accurate estimate that is calculated by experienced professionals.

Homeowners Love Our Transparent Process and Top Quality Services 

We offer free consultations and estimates for kitchen and bathroom remodels all across our service areas. Give RRG Roofing a call at 678-325-6949 and experience a seamlessly accurate estimate process today and you’ll know what makes us stands out in the remodeling industry. For all your roofing needs in Dahlonega, Georgia or Murphy, North Carolina. 

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