Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Roof and Home

This is your spring cleaning checklist for your roof and home. Spring is just ahead, which means it is time for March. Easter, warmer weather, new growth, green grass, and flowers are all a part of the springtime celebration. This time of year is also when pollen season begins for allergy sufferers, but let’s not focus on that much. Aside from flowers, what else do you think of when you think of spring? It is time to do some spring cleaning!

For us, spring cleaning entails switching out the seasonal decor, purging and reorganizing, and deep cleaning places that are only handled sometimes during the year. Is this something you can connect to? I am sure you know what I’m referring to! Make sure to use RRG Roofing‘s spring cleaning checklist for your roof and home.


During Spring Cleaning, Do Not Forget About Your Roof!

Some of you might be wondering, “What about my roof?” That has nothing to do with the next season of spring cleaning, of course. I cleaned my gutters in the fall, so why do I need to do it again now?

Well, I hope you did, too. Since then, there might have been more leaves in your gutter if you did not wait until the end of leaf season. In the Southeast, several tree species (like the stubborn oaks in my backyard) do not completely lose their leaves in the fall. Some trees like to cling to their old leaves until new ones replace them.

Aside from that, do not forget about winter’s effects. Branches and other debris can fall from the sky during snow and ice storms and onto your roof. It is a great time of year to examine the condition of your roof and perform some routine repairs. Make sure you are using RRG’s spring cleaning checklist for your roof and home.

A Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Roof and Home

The springtime is ideal for giving your roof a little love and attention, which can reap big rewards later. No matter how often you check your gutters for debris, you will find that the more frequently you do so, the less complicated the task becomes. If there are any problems with your roof, the sooner you can find them, the better. The things listed below should be on your spring cleaning checklist for your roof and home:

Do a Little Pruning

Your roof’s safety is at risk if neighboring tree branches are threatening it. Consider removing any branches that dangle over your roof or are close to your home. As a bonus, you will also be removing some of the leaves that may otherwise find their way into your gutters, which will help to keep your roof safe. It is a good idea to prune trees in the spring since its good for them to get rid of their dead patches.

Give Your Gutters a Quick Cleaning

Gutter debris, including shingle granules that may have been blown off by snow and ice melt, may still find its way into your gutters even after you cleaned them in the fall. Preparing your gutters now will help them handle the influx of rain that is sure to come this spring and summer, so get them installed before the weather warms up.

Check Your Shingles (or Other Roofing Material)

Because granule loss can affect a roof’s ability to keep water out, it is essential to check your shingles to see if they have shed too many granules recently. Any missing, cracked, or should inspect warped tiles on your roof as well if you have shingles on your roof. Even if your roof is made of a different material, now is an excellent time to check on its health.

Check the Seals & Flashing, Too

While inspecting your roof, look for cracked or broken seals around the flashing and connection points. Examine the flashing as well. Aluminum, galvanized steel, and copper are commonly used for flashing. Metal flashing may corrode, rust, or wear out over time due to the effects of weather. Also, if you notice exposed underlayment or decking, act now.

Do Not Forget the Attic.

When checking your roof, look at it from the underside for a fresh viewpoint. You want to keep your attic dry at all times. Water damage or stains on the ceiling or walls indicate a leaking roof. Regardless of visible damage to the building, a mold or mildew infestation indicates water has entered the building. Remember to look up in the attic. If the sun shines through your roof in the spring, you need to repair it.

For Greater Peace of Mind, Schedule a Professional Roof Inspection

A regular roof inspection and maintenance will keep it in good repair. Even with specific training or expertise, you may miss something. You can re-watch the video many times; YouTube cannot assess your roof. A licensed and insured roofing contractor can provide you with a detailed image of your roof’s condition.

For more information, call RRG Roofing in Dahlonega, GA and Murphy, NC at 678-325-6949.

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