Pros and Cons of a Standing Seam Metal Roof

Pros and cons of a standing seam metal roof from RRG Roofing. It is well known that standing seam metal roofs have many advantages. Not only are they the most durable types of metal roofing but standing seam metal roofs have many pros and cons that homeowners wonder about.

Standing seam metal roof panels are attached using concealed fasteners instead of exposed fasteners on traditional metal roof panels. Rust or leaks or loosening screws with these fasteners is no concern for you. Standing seam metal roofs have many advantages, and that is just one of them.


Here is a complete list of standing seam metal roof pros and cons.

What is a Standing Seam Roof?

Intricately designed metal roof panels with standing seams keep fasteners hidden. The roof fasteners of this metal panel roof are protected against UV rays, wind, rain, snow, and other factors that damage the roof. As a result of this design, standing-seam roofs are much more durable than other metal roof types.

Standing seam metal roofs are easily distinguished by hidden fasteners and raised seams (or vertical legs) that rise above flat panels. One of the advantages of this metal roofing is that it can also be used on walls. Many homeowners only know that it is used on roofs.

Pros and Cons of a Standing Seam Metal Roof


Standing seam metal roofs have several advantages: whether you’re looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency, or you need a roof that will keep your family safe from the elements.


As more and more homeowners seek ways to reduce their environmental impact, choosing the right roofing material can make a big difference. If you consider eco-friendly roofing options for your home, you should consider something recyclable, such as metal roofing, instead of asphalt shingles.

The materials used in standing seam metal roofs, like aluminum, are recycled and recyclable. When it comes to replacing them, they can be reused for other projects. They don’t need to go to the landfill.

Energy Efficient

Many homeowners interested in eco-friendly options are also looking for energy-efficient ones. While energy-efficient materials can be more expensive upfront, you can save hundreds a year on energy bills by choosing to upgrade, repair, and replace your home with these types of materials. This kind of metal roof may be the perfect upgrade if you want to save money and energy on your home.


Choosing something lightweight benefits your home in several ways, even though your roof is designed to hold a lot of weight. The lightweight roofing options are popular among homeowners who want to add as little strain as possible to their homes. It is also easier for roofing contractors to handle, carry, and install lightweight roofing materials.


There are a variety of metal roofs available at a reasonable price that are highly durable. Metal is incredibly durable and can withstand a wide range of elements, including wind, rain, sunlight, and ice.

A hidden fastener system makes standing seam metal roofs some of the most durable metal roofs available. Even though standing seam metal roofs are relatively lightweight, they are incredibly durable. They have concealed fasteners that enable them to withstand extreme weather conditions without rusting, coming loose, or leaking.

Hidden Fasteners

Fasteners hidden in standing seam metal roofs are one of its biggest benefits. With this hidden fastener technology, fasteners on your roof are protected from UV rays, wind, moisture, and any other elements that cause other types of roofing to wear faster. 

Since the panels aren’t drilled, this fastener system makes your metal roof last longer. When standing seam metal roofs are installed with clamps or clips, your metal roof is less likely to wear down against screws.


Standing seam metal roofs aren’t without their disadvantages, however. A standing seam metal roof might not be the best choice for your home if you have a tight budget or do not properly insulate.


One of their biggest disadvantages is their cost. Because standing seam metal roofs are very complex, they need to be installed by a professional, which is already more expensive than a job you could do yourself.

The material cost of standing seam metal roofs is also higher than other roofs. Standing seam metal roofing costs about twice as much as asphalt shingle roofing.


Sound can easily travel through your home if your roof isn’t properly insulated. You should consider the noise of a standing seam metal roof during rainfall or storms when you choose a roofing material.

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