Ways to Find a Leak in a Metal Roof

Ways to Find a Leak in a Metal Roof

Ways to find a leak in a Metal Roof from RRG Roofing. With a metal roof, a structure can withstand rain, hail, wind, and even fire. This roofing material has a lifetime of up to 100 years! So, it is not only energy-efficient but also long-lasting. However, it does not imply that they may not have leaks or other issues.

Manufacturers design and produce metal roof panels to allow water to flow through them. But waterproofness is not one of their features. Therefore, they should never have stood water. 

Do you have a metal roof on your commercial building or your home? Are you planning to install a metal roof? Here, we provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to find a leak in a metal roof. 


This process will be easier if you know where to look and what to look for. Additionally, the following ideas will help you identify weak points so you may focus your maintenance efforts in these areas.

Signs of Leaks in a Metal Roof

  1. Rust on your roof surface

Rust is one of the drawbacks of metal roofing panels. 

Did you see rust on one of your roof metals panels? It does not necessarily mean that there is a leak. Yet, act quickly to prevent more damage since it might become a significant issue. 

Besides, rust may destroy the panels’ protective coating over time, giving way to future holes or fractures in the roof. 

So, use rust inhibitors and perform regular inspections to keep rust from spreading and causing these problems.

  1. Improper Roof Movement 

Metal roofs are designed to move a little when the weather changes. Besides, these tiniest moves help in the drainage of water from the roof. 

But some roof repair efforts may limit the roof’s flexibility. Inexperienced roofers may use rigid patching materials on metal roofs. A rip forms when the metal panels continue to move, but the patch will remain in place. As a result, water will seep through the roof.

So, avoid having untrained hands working on your roof and instead hire professional contractors.

  1. Problems with Fasteners

Roofing contractors employ fasteners with washers and clips to install your metal roof panels. These elements hold together the panels’ laps without requiring extra sealant. However, these fasteners back out with time, allowing rainwater to leak through the holes. In metal roofs, this source of leaks is one of the most prevalent.

When these fasteners need adjustments or roof replacements, seek the assistance of an experienced metal roofing contractor.

  1. Cracks, Holes, and Crimping in the Roof

Typically, foot traffic is at blame for these issues. Likewise, installing an HVAC unit on a metal roof might result in punctures and dents since they are hefty.

This damage can lead to water gathering in the future. Moreover, not addressing these problems promptly will lead to corrosion, holes, and leaks.

  1. Improper Materials or Installation

Metal roof installation is best left to the experts. They are familiar with the correct methods and materials for the job. Therefore, hiring a qualified roofer is a wise choice. 

Leaks of this nature can harm the structure of your house seriously.

Detecting a Metal Roof Leak

A variety of factors can cause metal roof leaks. We can find them frequently in some critical areas. So, examine roof valleys for signs of damage, including but not limited to:

  • Roof body
  • Rusty surfaces
  • Loose, misaligned, or over-tightened screws
  • Puncture holes
  • Panels moved out of position
  • Transition points (sections where two panels meet)
  • The butyl tape of the sealant is missing
  • Loose, misaligned, or over-tightened screws
  • Gaps in the trim
  • Panels with incorrect overlap alignment
  • Roof penetrations (vents, pipes, skylights, chimneys, etc.)
  • Trims with gaps. Penetrations’ corners are critical
  • Cracked seals in the flashing
  • Rotted sealants
  • Termination Details

It includes the gaps and trims where the metal roof meets the walls.

  • Water dripping from beneath the caps
  • Caps missing or slack
  • Damaged gutters or flashing
  • Rotten sealants

Are There Any Doubts? Reach Out and Ask!

Do you have any questions about your metal roof? Do you think it may leak? You may get in touch with RRG Roofing specialists! They will clear any doubt and help you solve any roofing issue you may have.

Our well-trained team of metal roofers can inspect, repair, and install metal roofs effectively.

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