Metal Roofing Pros and Cons

Metal Roofing Pros and Cons. Are you a homeowner? Then, you have to keep in mind design and functionality. However, many times which aspect to choose is not easy. 

The preference for metal roofs has been a trend during the last few years. Indeed, metal roofing offers significant advantages. But, many homeowners wonder, are there any drawbacks I should take into account? 

Here, we’ll show you the pros and cons of using metal panels as a roofing material.

Metal Roofing: Pros and Cons

Benefits of Installing a Metal Roof

You won’t wait a long time to get it installed 

With most types of materials, homeowners feel that they have to wait for ages until getting their new roofs. Thus, they have to be patient since the job can take longer than they would want.

You won’t experience that with a metal roof. While building a metal roof, roofers can use multiple-shingle sections to complete the job. Usually, these segments or panels are relatively wide. They have between 12 to 36 inches. Therefore, any experienced contractor can install them quickly and easily.

You may wonder, that’s fine for the roofer, but what is the advantage for me? 

A short installation time -which translates into lower labor cost for you- does it looks like a great benefit? We think it is.  Even more, you won’t have to spend your valuable time living somewhere else while you wait for your new roof. Besides having to leave your home’s comfort, it will represent additional expenses.

Do you live in a storm-prone area? Well, a metal roof can offer you a bit more tranquility. If a strong wind tears away a section of your metal roof, your roofer can replace it quickly. But, events like these are unlikely. Roofing metallic panels resist much higher wind speeds than conventional asphalt shingles.

You can keep the roof pitch low

Do you want to have a smooth roof’s slope? At the same time, do you want to protect your home inside from leaks? Metal roofing is the solution for you. This roofing material is an excellent alternative for low-pitched roofs since they offer exactly both things.  

You can save energy (and money!)

Metal roofs, unlike wood, tile, and concrete roofs, reflect sunlight. Do you realize what an excellent benefit this feature means for your pocket? Imagine you don’t need air conditioning during the whole day.

The reflecting characteristics of metal reduce the heat entering your residence. So, the house can keep sufficiently cool, and your energy bills will look much better. Your finances will thank that new metal roof.

Your roof will resist fire

Are you concerned about fires? Are you looking to purchase some extra assurance against this risk? With a metal roof, you may not need to spend money on this extra assurance. 

In this sense, metal roofs have a Class A fire rating. They can withstand extreme fire exposure. Therefore, they ensure the safety of your family and preserve your home’s value.

Drawbacks of Installing a Metal Roof

Nothing is perfect in life. Metal roofing doesn’t escape from that. However, we cannot say that the following are real cons.

Metal is prone to dent

If hailstorms are usual where you reside, a metal roof might not be the ideal choice. Regardless of how fire-resistant it is, even so, it will tend to get dents. This fact is especially true if the hailstorms are particularly intense.

The house could be a bit noisier

Are you sensitive to noise? Consider this factor. For some people, the sound of rain is annoying. So, if you want as much peace and silence as possible, metal roofs may not be the best option. 

Yet, if you don’t mind a little noise now and then, a metal roof would be ideal. This is especially true if you like getting sleep with the sound of rain!

A Metal Roof Is a Good Investment

As in any project, the amount of money to invest is a fundamental element to consider. So, the cost of installing a metal roof is the most significant disadvantage for some homeowners.

But, if you plan to live in your current house for a long time, a metal roof will be worth its price. Indeed, a metal roof can lead you to recoup your investment because:

  • Metal roofs require low maintenance. 
  • They are long-lasting. With regular basic maintenance and inspections, they can last several decades.
  • They can bring you significant savings by reducing your home’s energy consumption. 

Hence, consider seriously the ROI you can get on metal roofing. We can help you on getting an idea of the ROI that a metal roof can provide you.

Is Getting a Metal Roof Worth It?

This list of pros and cons will help you assess metal roofing as an investment alternative for your home. But the benefits a metal roof provides to any homeowner are relevant.

Not only you will get a roof that will make look your home great. It is sturdy enough to protect your home and family from the harshest weather impacts. Besides, it will keep your home cool and your pocket happy!

Choose metal roofing and call us now to give you a free estimate. RRG Roofing will gladly serve you in Dahlonega, Blairsville, Hiawassee, GA, or Murphy, NC. Call 678-336-1685.

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