Everything You Need to Know about the Gutter Helmet

RRG Roofing presents you with everything you need to know about the gutter helmet. Gutters are an important part of the anatomy of a roof as they keep water away from the roof, so it doesn’t cause any damage with moisture. With the perfect gutter system, you don’t have to worry about any water-related problems anywhere soon. 

Some common water-related issues are deterioration of asphalt shingles as well as decaying of plywood. But there is a catch that debris will build up over those gutters with time which interrupts their normal functionalities. This is where gutter helmet kicks because they stop clogs and overflows. Clogs and overflows are more dangerous as they have a negative effect on the overall structure of the roof. Along with the gutter helmet, cut the hanging branches of nearby trees, so no leaves fall on the roof.


Working of Gutter Helmet

First, a gutter helmet is a patented item, so no one can copy it. This helmet uses the surface tensions to get the job. In most cases, the rainwater flows directly from the roof into the gutter. By installing the gutter helmet, we will make sure that the water goes towards the edge of the roof instead and fall into a small slit. 

The size of the slit is made in such a way that it will let all the rainwater flow while catching debris like leaves which will later clog the gutter. The debris will automatically fall from the gutter from time to time, and this prevents any water damage. Below are some components of the gutter helmet, which makes it one of a kind product in the roofing industry.  

  • Textured surface to handle rainwater and put less pressure on gutters
  • No opening for gutter-clogging debris thanks to a nose that clears itself
  • A Teflon-like coating so dirt and other organic compounds don’t build up
  • Ribbed design to equally spread the water

By installing the gutter helmet, you don’t have to climb the roof again after the rainy season to clear the clogged gutter. 

Problems that Gutter Helmet can deal with 

Being a tenant is one thing, but you will have to deal with a lot more issues when you own the house. Clogged gutters have become the biggest headache for homeowners in recent times due to severe weather conditions. One of the best ways to deal with all these gutter-related issues is to simply install a helmet. 

  • No foundation issues – Due to the overflowing of gutters, the water will then fall on the walls of your home and gathers near the foundations. If too much of the water gathers there, it will lead to erosion. Foundations repairs are costly, but you can avoid them by installing a gutter helmet. 
  • Relives pressure from the gutter – Earlier, gutters were weakening due to continuous heavy rainfall and eventually collapsed, all thanks to the debris. The gutter helmet design relieves the pressure from the gutter.
  • No insects – Clogged gutters are the best breeding grounds for a variety of different bugs. Gutter helmets act as a gateway for free water flowing system.
  • No mold growth – Due to excessive moisture, the development of mold becomes inevitable, and mold is the worst looking thing that can happen to your roof. Gutter helmets work as a guard against hazardous mold while providing all the extra benefits. 

Benefits of Gutter Helmet

If too much water build-up on the roof, it will have a bad impact on the strength and the structure of the home. Manufacturers offer a triple lifetime warranty on the gutter helmet, so you can get a free helmet if the previous helmet breaks. Want to match the gutter helmet with the color of the roof? Just contact RRG Roofing. Although the gutter helmet is exposed to rainwater, you don’t have to worry about chalking, fading, and corrosion. 

To increase the strength of the helmet, all the mounting brackets use aluminum. Even in the toughest rainstorm, the gutter helmet will stay in place and do the job. The biggest reason why you should worry about the gutter system on the roof is that it will cost you a big amount to repair the damage the broken gutter system can do. Spend a few bucks on the gutter helmet and avoid all this fuss. 

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