Roof Safety Tips for Holiday Decorating

Roof Safety Tips for Holiday Decorating. The holiday season is hitting hard and this can only mean one thing for the Dahlonega homeowners and that is decorated with lights and other such stuff. The main reason is to make your home a show-stopper for the winter wonderland, especially the Christmas Vacation season.

Santa Claus can easily navigate the rooftop of each house when it is decorated perfectly and all the lights are visible. This is only possible if you keep the lights on and glowing all night. But this holiday decoration can lead to accidents.

Roof Safety Tips for Holiday Decorating

Holiday injuries and decorating disasters

According to the research done by some institutions, around 15,000 people came in hospital emergency due to injuries related to the holiday decoration, and most of them were linked with the roofs. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports say that during the holiday season, around 250 people get injured on daily basis.  This is why you must add safety to your checklist.

This is one of the most wonderful times of the year and you do not want to waste this time in the hospital or on the bed or a wheelchair, just because you did not follow the safety measures. That is why it is important to keep the basic roof safety tips in mind before you start channeling your inner Clark Griswold.

Deck the halls with given below roof safety tips

Prep your materials

The very first thing you need to do is to prep your material, such as check your lights whether they are working or not. It would be really frustrating if you get up on the floor and find out that the lights aren’t working. Or the lights can get entangles pretty bad which is another irritating situation. Moreover, you need to measure the length of the lights’ wire so that it could reach the place from the main socket. 

So, untangle the wires, plug in all the lights while you are on the ground, replace the strings which are not blinking and add extension cords to it to extend the length.

Pick a light, clear time of day

Always take a good amount of time for this kind of work because it is hectic and will require your proper concentration. Check the weather forecast for the day and then move forward. If it is saying it will rain, snow, or there will be high winds, do not go out see to make it an adventure for yourself. If the weather is clear, go for it and start doing the work.

Clear the roof

One of the prerequisites of hanging lights and decorating the home is to clean the roof and make it clean. You need to prevent any kind of accidents that can happen. Moreover, you need to clear the roof so that you can decorate it as much as you want. This is why all the debris, leaves, dirt and other materials need to go from there so that everything looks great.

Stay Safe on the ladder

Usually, most of the injuries occurring during the holiday season are due to falling from the ladder. This is why you need to follow the CPSC posted guidelines to stay safe on the ladder.

  • Make sure you have a sturdy ladder
  • Set up the ladder on a flat surface away from the electrical equipment.
  • Get fiberglass or wooden ladder
  • Get a 75-degree angle on the ladder to keep it in a safe position.
  • Get a spotter for you who can stay close to the ladder.

Gear up for Safety

If you want to minimize the risk of holiday decorating accident, then follow these guidelines.

  • Wear shoes with a soft rubber sole for extra traction.
  • Use a tool belt to carry your tools and decorating essentials.
  • Always use plastic clips and hooks which you can put back in the toolbox once the holiday season is over. Never use staple, nail or glue guns for the lights.

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