What is a Roof Warranty?

What is a roof warranty from RRG Roofing? Warranties are a concern. Whether you’re purchasing a blender or performing major home improvements, you may be wary about warranty exclusions. Roof warranties are no exception.

Typically, your roof comes with many warranties. These might include manufacturer’s warranties and installation warranties.

Do you have any questions about your roof’s warranty? Follow reading, and you will find them here.


What is a roofing warranty?

A new roof is a big expense. Who doesn’t want to be safe? After all, repairs might cost thousands of dollars.

Ask all the questions you need before buying a roof. Also, know the products and installation’s coverage and verify that the roof and its warranty are right for you.

What does my roof warranty cover?

Warranties vary by product and installation. Get all product warranty information upfront from your roofing contractor. Likewise, some manufacturers’ websites provide links to product warranties.

Here is an overview of popular roof warranties to help you prepare.

·       Shingles

Manufacturer guarantees range from 20 years to a lifetime depending on shingle quality. Thus, it is common to see 20-, 25-, or 30-year shingles. For example, CertainTeed offers a lifetime shingle guarantee on some models.

Basic asphalt shingles may have shorter warranties, whereas higher-quality laminated dimensional shingles may have lifetime warranties.

“CertainTeed offers a broad spectrum of roofing products with competitive warranties,” explains Jeff Frantz, Washington, D.C. metro area territory manager for CertainTeed Roofing Products. “We have a product and a warranty for everyone.

·       Underlayment

Under some limitations, a high-quality fiberglass underlayment protects your roof deck for 50 years. So, most warranties require removing all the materials from the roof deck before installing the new underlayment. 

·       Vents

Most ridge and intake vents are lifelong. Practically, they are unbreakable and constructed of robust plastic.

Other choices, such as power vents, have limited warranties due to mechanical failure. Power vents might be helpful when ridge and intake vents are insufficient to ventilate an attic.

·       Installation

Installation warranties are tricky. Sadly, there is no easy way to simplify this. Each material product warranty specifies installation criteria.

In any case, select a roofer whose guarantee covers the repair of warranted materials. A good contractor always will stand behind his job.

How Long is My Roof Warranty?

It depends on the roofing warranty, the roofer, and the materials utilized.

Typically, manufacturers’ warranties range from 20 to 30 years. So, if you acquire a lifetime warranty, find out what it means. A warranty lifespan may be merely 30 years.

Besides, ask whether your roof warranty is prorated. A prorated roofing warranty reduces the value of your roof as time passes. Even if the roofing repair is due to a manufacturing defect, a prorated warranty may only cover 60% of the related expenditures.

Who is covered by my roofing warranty?

In essence, it is you. Mostly, a roofing guarantee corresponds to the person to whom the roof was installed. But more companies offer transferable warranties.

A transferable warranty is ideal. You can transfer your roofing warranty to the new owner when selling your home.

In this sense, you must ask about the following warranty conditions:

·       Most insurance companies only allow one transfer. 

·       You must notify the warranty company about the transfer within a determined period, usually 60 days. 

Does my roofing warranty have any exceptions?

Factors such as your home location and installer may void your warranty. On the other hand, some manufacturers only guarantee specific shingles if you reside in a hurricane-prone area.

Also, the manufacturer may require that your roofer lay your shingles in a certain weave style to make your warranty valid.

How can I make a warranty claim?

Do you have a warranty issue with your roof? Contact the installer and the material manufacturer right away. Inquire about the warranty details when purchasing the roofing materials. Then, file the documentation safely. 

Consider a 50-year roofing warranty

Great companies realize their work is good. We are not scared to back up our warranties!

RRG Roofing uses top-of-the-line CertainTeed roofing supplies. Our 50-year non-prorated, transferable guarantee is one of the best in the market. We only provide premium coverage, no-nonsense.

Do you need a roof replacement?

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