Are Replacement Windows Worth it?

Are Replacement Windows Worth it? There are many factors you need to take into consideration when you’re thinking about getting a new full window from your local roofing contractor. You want the best quality, most efficient installation, hassle-free removal, and top performance. The options are so varied, from brands and styles to materials and shapes making all seem like too much to tackle at once. Choosing frames and glass (which can then be impacted by your local climate) and scheduling a time for professionals to come do the install can leave some people wondering if replacement windows are worth it.

Replacing a full window is not always simple and often requires a lot of patience and planning. However, if you consider the benefits of replacement windows, from saving money to saving peace of mind makes it totally worth it.  

Are Replacement Windows Worth it?

4 reasons why replacement windows are worth it

Energy Efficiency

Homeowners want to make their homes look as beautiful and elegant as possible while still being practical and energy efficient. One way of accomplishing both goals is through new windows. Replacing your old, leaky windows with energy-efficient single-pane windows can significantly cut down your monthly energy bills that are much higher than they should be, thanks to single pane windows. These older windows, even when they’re in perfect working condition, let air escape and are not designed to stop the incoming UV rays that heat up your home.

Depending on your climate and the condition of your house, estimates that switching from single pane windows can save you upwards of $500 annually on your electric bill.

A poorly insulated window can let in ample daylight but not enough heat through, while a poorly sealed window allows heat to escape but not enough cold through. According to the US Department of Energy, bad windows can be attributed to 25%-30% of residual heat gain and heat loss, making your home harder to heat in the winter and harder to cool in the summer. By holding off on replacement windows, you’re essentially throwing 30% of your electricity bill out of your poorly functioning window.

Built to help you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, RRG Roofing’s Quantum2 Heat Mirror is the industry’s only dual pane reflective window. You’ll love the power and strength of RRG Roofing’s Quantum2 Heat Mirror Window. It blocks 99.7% of UV rays, keeping warm in winter and cool in summer. It’s a great alternative to glass windows or doors, letting light in but as an insulator, it’s ten times stronger than wallboard. 

Resale Value

Energy efficiency is becoming a bigger concern for new home buyers. The average cost of a power bill has gone up 30 percent over the last decade, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, and it’s expected to rise an additional 7 percent by 2021. Therefore, many home buyers today are looking for homes that are going to be less expensive to run long term. Upgraded replacement windows that can help prospective buyers save money are a huge selling point when surveying the housing market. 

In fact, Remodeling Magazine says that homeowners who upgrade their windows will recoup upwards of 74% of their investment — that’s one of the highest home improvement ROIs you can get! Meanwhile, adding on a back patio may seem like a good idea, but will only get you 47% of your investment back.

Even if you plan on moving out and recouping that 74% soon, replacing your windows before you put your home on the market can help prevent any issues that may come up during a home inspection.

Afraid some of your windows aren’t quite up to code or maybe a bit rotted? You’ll probably be better off just replacing your windows now rather than deal with a headache later.


While the energy savings and resale value may feel like they take a while to pay off, you can instantly feel the difference with replacement windows when it comes to the comfort level in your home. With windows that do their job, drafts will decrease, your home’s temperature will be easier to regulate, and you’ll feel more protected from the elements outside.

If your windows leak or are so drafty that you can feel the cold air blowing in on those bitter winter nights, then you’re not just paying for energy inefficient windows – you’re paying for cold floors and rooms that don’t have the comfort they need. In addition to increased energy bills, homeowners who should be enjoying peaceful views of the landscape out their windows instead get a pale reflection of themselves looking back at them because they are shaded by low-quality glass.

Imagine how much you could improve the look of your house with simple, inexpensive upgrades that enhance the way you live in your home. That is exactly what residential window tinting is all about — making your home more attractive while saving you money. By adding better looking, better functioning windows, you can enhance your home’s curb appeal right away — no need to wait for the resale to start appreciating your home.

Experienced home buyers understand the importance of natural light in homes, as it can help you focus, reduce stress and anxiety, increase happiness, and much more — including adding to your resale value. What could be better than enjoying beautiful views from your home when you want to relax than cooling shades that keep you warmer while reducing overall temperature? If you want to be comfortable indoors, try RRG Roofing’s Quantum2 Heat Mirror Windows. Designed with a double pane design to let natural sunlight through while reducing cooling and condensation, these windows enhance that natural light entering your home while reducing condensation, giving your rooms the maximum amount of natural light.


Older windows can be easy to break into, allowing intruders to take advantage of easy access points into your home. Many homeowners with older windows find themselves awake at night, wondering how secure their home is. Security windows can help ease these worries, with features such as improved insulation and energy efficiency—and they are easy to modify for safety purposes.  

Modern windows offer double strength glass and recessed steel locks, making it much harder for intruders to access your home through your windows. At RRG Roofing, our replacement windows come standard with Stealth Lock Technology, so you can relax knowing your home is protected by some of the safest windows on the market.

Many newer windows also have advanced film technology, so if a baseball somehow goes sailing through your window, your window won’t break into large, dangerous shards.

Ready for replacement windows?

The benefits of new replacement windows extend beyond keeping you warm and cozy. New windows can reduce noise from traffic and construction, prevent heat loss through rattling or broken panes, and eliminate drafts along with exposed frames.

Ready for replacement windows? Whether your layout has changed, or your windows need a little TLC, RRG Roofing Windows can help! As the Georgia and North Carolina window replacement and window installation experts, we know windows inside and out. Contact RRG Roofing Windows at 678-325-6949 or visit us online to request an estimate to get started on improving your home with new RRG Roofing windows.

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