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We have some great customers that have left us fantastic reviews over the past couple of years.

I have a custom designed home with unique metal roof. The original roof was under-designed and was unable to deal with very heavy rains. The ongoing damage had the potential to affect the structural integrity of my home. The original local roofer said he was “too busy with new roofs and no longer does repairs”, even on his own roofs and would not come look at it. I could not find another local roofer as they were all booked 6 months out. I called RRG and Andrew was here two days later. I did not necessarily like the answer or the price he gave me (replace rather than repair) but it made sense as 80% of the water on my roof went through the one under designed valley and 80% of the 10 year old roof needed to be removed to address the issue. It was the right solution. It took a bit longer than originally estimated to get the job done due to rains and so much catch up work in the area but they removed and replaced my roof in one day and came by a few weeks later to fix the soffit and non-roof damage that had been caused by the leaks. I now sleep much better at night. In addition, I got a written 5 year warranty that I never got when I had my original roof. If I were to happen to find a problem down the road, I’m covered. Highly recommended.

Greg Schisla


Great company! We had stressed about who to go with for our new roof for weeks, but luckily we saw the billboard for RRG and gave them a call! We had the best experience working with Nick! He was so professional and time efficient! He went over every option with us and helped us find the perfect plan for our home. He inspected our roof and even showed us the issues we were facing. He helped us pick a phenomenal priced roof and gutters that are guaranteed to last. We just had to wait for a dry day and they had it done before we even got home from work. I would recommend RRG everytime for everyone’s roofing needs. A huge thank you to Nick for all his hard work and for helping pick the best color gutters to go with our beautiful new roof.

Andrea Lentz


Ernie and Cimeron were so helpful in answering all my questions and getting me through this process while being friendly and professional at the same time. As a homeowner replacing the roof is one of the things you dred the most but this company made it a very positive experience. I highly recommend them.

Cheryl Sturgis


Very responsive company! RRG sent out a crew that installed 5/8” decking and shingles. The crew was fun to work with. Steven Faulkner was the company representative and was very professional. I’m a retired engineer and contractor, and feel qualified to state the installation was flawless. Well done RRG!! I would recommend highly!

Paul Hagan


I bought a house back in May, and the existing shingle roof was an estimated 12 years old. I expected to get another few years out of it (and not much longer given the tree coverage on my property), but that all changed in the summer when some angry rodents ripped not one but two holes through the shingles AND decking and nested in my attic. I decided to just go ahead and replace the roof instead of getting it repaired, and I wanted a metal roof so that I never had to worry about raided out rodents ripping into my roof ever again. I already knew Andrew, so I reached out to him about my options. He came over quickly to inspect my roof, show me my metal options, and draw up a quote. RRG was flexible with my scheduling needs, and we scheduled the work for late fall. We did have to push back a bit due to weather constraints and delays from the manufacturer, but Red and Johnny were proactive in communicating everything to me along the way. Once we found a couple consecutive clear weather days, removal of the existing roof (and a chimney I wanted demolished) and installation of the new roof went smoothly. The new roof looks FANTASTIC; I’ve actually had neighbors coming knocking just to tell me how nice it looks. I’ll upload photos soon and may be able to get a drone video as well. I also want to give a shout-out to Brenda, who handles invoicing. I used this opportunity to meet the sign-up bonus spending needed on several credit cards, and she kindly waited for me to receive one of the new cards from the issuer and then patiently processed every single card for me over the phone. Fair warning: The price tag on standing seam metal roofs is painful, especially when you’re used to shingles, BUT metal roofs require little to no maintenance and should last decades longer than shingles (and there’s no risk of rodents clawing their way through 26-gauge steel, am I right?). RRG has been great to work with, and I highly recommend them, especially in an age where just getting a contractor to call you back requires three phone calls, two emails, and a prayer.

Heather Craytor


I would like to thank Cimarron for her friendly and professional service to me recently. She was able to get me an appointment soon with Jessey, she stayed on top of everything until Jessey arrived at my house on time , He was reliable and did a though survey of my issue on my roof. When he wasn’t able to find where the leak was coming from he offer to come back out while it was raining to be able to detect where the issue was. I find Cimarron to be a great help with everything and she is a real asset to Roofing Resources of Georgia along with Jessey. I would highly recommend using this company if you have a roof issue.

Donald Mas


My name is Lynda Tucker and I have had the best experience with Roofing Resources of Georgia. Starting with the day Andrew Prince came to give me an estimate. He gave me a great first impression of RRG right away. He was very professional I knew what he was talking about and at the same time very very friendly and letting me know what things meant. He took his time on the roof and also came inside to see if there was water damage, which there was. He took photos and video with his phone and did a nice presentation that was much more than I expected. None of the other estimates I got from other roofing companies did any of that. Needless to say I was blown away. For him to show me on a video literally show me what needed to happen and what was going on up there changed everything. We signed on that very day and the only thing we had to wait for was the insurance company! I have my new roof now and it’s beautiful! It even looks better than it did before! The people that came to do the roofing were very nice and professional and they cleaned up after themselves and did not leave any thing behind. I couldn’t tell they had been here except for the beautiful roof they left me with. I am so glad I used RRG and had Andrew to guide me through every step of the way. He was there for every question. He answered texts and phone calls and we’ll get right back to you if he wasn’t available when you called him. I really felt like I could trust Andrew and I did throughout this process. I would strongly recommend using Roofing Resources of Georgia to anyone that is considering getting a new roof on their house or getting any work done that has anything to do with your roof. I would also recommend Andrew Prince as he was so excellent to work with and made everything come together perfectly. As you can see I am a happy customer.

Ocean Girl


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