10 Points to Know Before Your New Roof Installation

10 points to know before your new roof installation at RRG Roofing. Replacing the roof after a few seasonal changes is the best investment for the security and protection of your house and family. It is the smartest move if:

  1. You have already planned the roof replacement
  2. You think that your home needs a roof replacement.

In both cases here are the 10 points to know before your new roof installation:

  1. Choose the right roofing contractor

The first of the 10 points to know before your new roof installation and vital step is to get professional help. But only seeking a contractor is not enough. It’s important to choose the right company with a good reputation and accuracy rate to get the work done. 

  1. Ask your contractor if they provide a roof replacement readiness checklist

Many professional contractors present their checklist for the preparation of a new roof to the house owner. If your contractor does not have that list there is nothing to be worried about. You can read this blog to guide yourself about the things to do before the roof replacement.

  1. Takedown any fragile interior decorations

It’s safe to collect anything that you found unsafe around the house during the roof replacement. During the process, there is a huge mess between the new and the old things. So, it’s better to take precautionary measures to avoid any unpleasant situation.

  1. Remove valuable things from your attic, and cover up the rest

You might consider reassembling your attic to avoid any accident. It is wise to separate the valuable things and cover them up with a net or plastic sheet. Roof replacement is a messy process and can cause dust and debris in your attic so it’s good to cover things up and it also makes it easier to handle afterward.

  1. Think about your kids and pets

Roofing is not a noiseless process and has many side effects such as anxiety and stress, especially in children and animals. Preplan the whole situation with your family. It is preferable to take your family away from their friend or relative but if he is not an option for you. Then, choose the safest part of your house to keep your family there until the work gets done.

  1. Think about your neighbors, too

It would be very considerate of you if you inform your neighbors about the work in advance. They may have family members and pets too. Little courtesy never goes to waste in the long run as you still must spend your time in that area after the construction is done so, it’s good to have a nice relationship with the surroundings.

  1. Identify which power outlets need to be accessible for the roofers

Your roofer will require access to power plugs to operate their power tools. Outside outlets are ideal, yet assuming non are available or effectively open, your project worker might have to run some electrical strings through a window. Try to expect this earlier and decide in advance.

  1. Prep the outside of your home

You should also prepare the outside of the house as suggested by the contractor. Remove the unnecessary things from the way and cover the things that need covering. In case you have a satellite dish on your roof you should discuss it with your contractor in advance it.

  1. Do your mowing and pruning before installation day

If your trees or plants are in the way of construction work, you might have to trim them in advance so that the roofers have the space to work. Mowing your lawn is also a good step to faster the cleaning process afterward?

  1. Relocate your vehicles

The last thing to take care of is your vehicle. Before the arrival of the team, you should empty your driveway and place your vehicle away from the construction site. It provides the roofer easy access to their trucks to unload the things they require.

Choose RRG Roofing for your roof replacement

For your satisfaction, it’s good to cooperate with a roofing contractor you can trust, who gives quality items and who makes your whole experience amazing. For services in NC and GA, you ought to truly begin by thinking about RRG roofing. 

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