Understanding Written Roofing Proposals

Understanding Written Roofing Proposals from RRG Roofing. After long years, the intense Georgia sun damaged your roof. The roof’s shingles are cracked and loose from the weight of holiday lights strung across them for the past two decades. 

Almost every Georgia homeowner has seen himself in this situation where they aren’t understanding written roofing proposals. So, what can you do? 

First, speak with roofing specialists for an accurate evaluation of your roof’s condition and a plan for any replacement work that your roof may require. Understanding written roofing proposals is important. this is why these professionals will provide you with a proposal about the work to perform. 


Understanding written roofing proposals is crucial when evaluating offers from several roofing contractors. This clear comprehension will allow you to make the right choice for yourself. 

Remember that proposals are a roofing contractor’s chance to win your business. Look behind a fancy presentation or sales tactic and carefully read the proposal. So, when evaluating a roof contractor’s bid, be sure to understanding written roofing proposals so you can ask the following crucial questions:

1. Estimated costs for labor and materials – 

To give you an accurate price, a roofing contractor will need to inspect your roof. He will assess its current shape, take measurements, and calculate the materials needed to complete the job. Ensure that your roofing contractor included all the materials you will need at the price.

2. Material Grade – 

It will be cheaper to quote with lower-quality shingles. But utilizing lower-quality materials could lead to frequent repairs in the future. Thus, you should ask if the proposed decking, flashing, shingles, and ventilation are all the same quality and grade. And this grade should be the best your budget can allow. 

3. Coverage for Legal Liability – 

Hire a company fully insured and prepared to pay for damages. This coverage is critical if an accident occurs while working on your house and any of its workers suffer an injury.

4. Time frame – 

There is always a time limit to perform any home improvement project. So, how soon can the roofer begin working in your house? How long will it take to do this project? How much time will they work daily? How many of their workers will they employ? Furthermore, if your house requires repairs or replacement immediately, make sure your roofer will shield your home from the weather until the work can begin.

5. Cleanup-

The final step of the job is to clean up everything. A dumpster lying in your driveway for weeks after the completion of a project is not something you want to happen on your property. Also, you will not want to find nails in your yard that can put your children and family at risk.

Therefore, make sure you know what kind of clean-up the company intends to undertake once they finish their work.

6. Warranty – 

A dependable roofing contractor will offer a guarantee on their work and stand behind it. You will save money in the long term by getting a warranty that covers the installation as well as the materials.

7. Payment Terms – 

Is there a deposit required to schedule the work? When and how do you expect to receive most of your payment? You will have to ask questions like these related to the payment arrangements to your contractor.  

Most roofers will want a down payment of a certain percentage of the overall cost, with the balance due upon completion of the work. When working on longer projects, many contractors request to pay in installments throughout them or when completing milestones. 

8. Hidden Costs – 

Make sure you understand all the costs associated with the project. If the flashing were damaged, would they repair it or replace it? Is it possible that the incline of your roof will result in additional charges? You don’t have to handle every possibility. But make sure the price stated incorporates these eventualities.

Even if you get the lowest price, you may not get the best deal. Hence, before hiring a roofing contractor, ask around for recommendations. Besides, read internet reviews to get a sense of how professional they are and how well they do their job.

After all, you will have your roof over the next 15 to 20 years. Thus, doing your research now will be well worth it in the future.

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