Why Its Important to Keep Your Roof Clean

Why Its Important to Keep Your Roof Clean. If the siding of your home is dirty or if it is peeling off, it will make the whole house of yours dingy and dirty. The same thing goes for the roof which makes it important for the homeowners to keep their roof clean if they want their home to look great.

Nobody likes to see their house dirty, so it is always good to work together to clean the roof and other parts o0f your house to keep them clean and attractive to the by-passers. Moreover, if you are selling your house, then you need to keep your roof and siding neat and clean for the buyers because these things create the first impressions of your house. Apart from this, if your roof is dirty, it will not only take away the curb appeal but also damage the roof to the extent that it would need a replacement.

Why Its Important to Keep Your Roof Clean

More than Dirt

Your roof is exposed to various elements other than dirt and those elements are equally damaging to the roof. For example, the algae, moss growing on the roof can damage it to such extent that they can cause holes in it. These substances are much thicker than the dirt and they need to be taken off. 


It is a green substance that can appear on the surface of the roof if the water to moist is always present on it and this will create a blue-green color substance. Moreover, the shaded areas of the roof are more likely to experience this as the sun won’t be able to evaporate the water from the surface. They can cause severe damage to the roof.


Lichens are the combination of algae and fungus and they can grow symbiotically with algae. They can penetrate deep into the shingles and they can damage the shingles and might even weaken their base that the strong winds would blow them away. 


Moss is like an actual plant and they have a shallow root system that will require moisture to survive and they grow in the area where there is less sunlight. This is why you need to cut off the over-hanging branches of the trees and you need to clean the water from your roofs.

How can Stains Damage a Roof?

The stains and growth patches caused by algae, fungus, and moss can damage the roof through shingle deterioration and wood rot. These two things fall in the category of expensive repairs and they can shorten the life of your roof. A roof cleaning can help minimize or eliminate the damage. 

Shingle Damage

The algae and moss can grow under the shingles and they can damage the shingles badly to an extent that they might drop off. Moreover, there is another problem that the algae stains absorb heat and this heat goes directly to the attic and this also reduces the lifespan of the shingles. 

Wood Rot

Moss can hold moisture in it and this moisture can then seep into the wood structure of the house or the roof deck which is also made up of wood. The moss grows between the shingles and which is the last place from which the water can evaporate. However, the signs of wood rot are not always obvious, but if you see moss growth on the roof, then be ready for a quick inspection of the roof and attic. 

Professional Cleaning

Roof cleaning not only maintains the beautiful appearance of your roof but also protects your investment by extending the life of your roof. Moreover, we know it would be tempting to DIY the cleaning project, but it is always great if you call the professionals for such work. DIY can often lead to loss of work, money, and time and you cannot afford that. Therefore, a professional person would be best for this kind of roof inspection and cleaning job.

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