How To Fix Lightning Damage in Your Home

If you’re wondering how to fix lightning damage in your home, let RRG Roofing help you out. Lightning strikes are expected, with millions of incidences happening worldwide each day. These powerful electrostatic discharges between storm clouds and the ground can generate millions of volts. Considering their common occurrence, your home may experience a lightning strike at some point.

The Cloud-to-ground lightning travels from sky to ground. Doing so may pass through your home’s electrical wiring, water pipes, and structural components. The roof is often the target for lightning strikes, with the electrical charge splitting into various directions before reaching the ground. 

In our experience as the leading and most trusted roofing company in the area, our roofers have witnessed numerous lightning strikes over the years. So, to help you deal with lightning damage more effectively, we have prepared this handy guide for you. 


How do you tell if your house was struck by lightning?

Lightning strikes can cause several forms of damage. The electrical surge from a strike can put your home appliances and electronics at grave risk. Power disruptions and device damage may occur as a consequence.

Moreover, the intense heat generated during lightning can ignite flammable materials like insulation and roof trusses. This can increase the risk of domestic fires and cause severe damage to your property.

Lightning strikes can produce high-powered shock waves that can severely damage your roof. It can cause chimney bricks to break off, shingles to dislodge, and drainage systems to tear away. These incidents can compromise your roof’s structural integrity, requiring extensive repairs or replacements. So, taking adequate preventive measures to protect your house is essential to reduce severe damage.

Common Signs of Lightning Strikes

1. Sight and Sound: when lightning strikes your home, you will notice an explosive flash and hear the accompanying loud sound.

2. Power Outage: Lightning strikes can cause a sudden loss of power in your home.

3. Fire or Sparks: Look for any signs of fire or sparks. These indicate possible lightning-related damage.

4. Odor: Be alert for the smell of melting plastic or smoke, indicating lightning damage. 

5. Physical Damage: Check for visible signs of property damage, such as loose bricks or structural damage.

6. Unusual Sounds: Listen for a hissing or humming sound near the electrical outlets, which may signal lightning damage.

Watch for these signs to avoid severe lightning-related issues in your home.

What Do You Do Next?

In the case of sparks, fire, or any indication of a short circuit, it is crucial to act quickly. Please get in touch with an electrician or the fire department for professional assistance as soon as possible. Even if there are no apparent signs of a fire, but the strike was severe, do not hesitate to contact the fire department.

In the absence of any immediate danger, follow these steps:

  1. Please look at the circuit breakers, light switches, electronic appliances, and power outlets to ensure they are working correctly.
  2. Inspect your home for any water leaks. In addition, assess water pressure by opening taps in the kitchen and bathroom.
  3. Contact a trusted and experienced roofing contractor to check your roofing system thoroughly for any hidden damage.

These preventive measures can help you address potential hazards and ensure the safety of your property and loved ones.

Contact RRG Roofing: Protect Your Roof with High-Quality Lighting Repair

The good news is that you can protect your roof and home from lightning damage by opting for our reliable lightning protection solutions specifically designed for metal roofs. Our comprehensive lightning protection setup includes a lightning rod that can effectively divert power surges from your home.

If your roof has suffered a shock wave or fire damage, RRG Roofing will help you immediately. Our expert team will conduct a thorough inspection and provide you with a FREE, no-obligation estimate.

For more information, contact RRG Roofing at 678-326-4951. We service areas in Dahlonega, Blairsville, Hiawassee, and Alpharetta, GA.

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