What Factors Can Affect My Roof Replacement Costs?

What factors can affect my roof replacement costs? RRG Roofing can answer this! Let’s face it – the prices of new roofs continue to accelerate in 2022. There are multiple factors responsible for this current rate of roofing price increases. It can be mainly attributed to the rising costs of roofing materials. Global reasons behind … Read more

What Should I Know About a Roof?

What should I know about a roof from RRG Roofing. A homeowner’s knowledge of their roof differs from one person to the next. Many homeowners devote much time and effort to studying their roof’s construction. But others may only think about it when their gutters need cleaning, or their shingles need replacement.  You don’t need … Read more

Synthetic or Asphalt Felt?

RRG Roofing presents you with which underlayment is best: synthetic or asphalt felt. Roof underlayment is not precisely something that springs to mind when people think of getting a new roof. But, when it comes time to replace your home’s roof, knowing the distinctions between synthetic underlayment and roof felt paper is critical. If you … Read more

Improving Attic Ventilation

Improving attic ventilation from RRG Roofing. One of the essential parts of your roofing system in the attic. In addition to providing, you with an overview of the health and function of your roof, it contributes to better airflow around your home. Moisture and mold could be caused by insufficient insulation and inadequate ventilation if … Read more

Why Does My Roof Leak in Heavy Rains?

RRG Roofing is here to answer your questions about why does my roof leak in heavy rains. You may have roof damage in areas with heavy rainfall or violent thunderstorms. But probably, you are unaware of it. Some indicators of roof deterioration are evident, while others are sneaky and only appear later. Sometimes, this damage … Read more

Everything You Need to Know Roofing Warranty Guide

Everything you need to know roofing warranty guide from RRG Roofing. Having a good roofing warranty is important to ensure you are covered in case the roofing system fails due to defective products or poor installation. A warranty protects your investment and makes that your roof performs optimally for years to come.  Every roofing warranty … Read more

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