Work With Our Georgia Roofing Company and Insurance Is A Snap!


Work With Our Georgia Roofing Company and Insurance Is A Snap! What do people say is the worst part about getting a new roof? It’s not necessarily the sound of the roof being put on, because we take care of most of that when our customers are at work. And it’s not necessarily picking out the right kind of roof a roofing company offers; getting something new is fun, and if you don’t want any changes then the decision is a snap. Oh, and it’s not the clean-up. We do such a good job with that that most people never say a word about the mess.

No, the part of getting a new roof that most people complain about most is having to deal with the insurance company. Now, how should insurance companies work? You should submit a claim and they should pay it, but unfortunately, too many of them fight claims. Too many of them will try to underpay, even though you might have been paying on your home insurance for 20 years and just experienced the hail storm of the century.

That’s why you should work with our roofing company, no matter whether you need substantial roof repairs or an entirely new roof. Insurance isn’t something you should have to fear, so we take care of nearly every aspect of the insurance claim for you. Here are some ways in which we can help.

We’ve Worked With All of the Major Insurance Companies

Don’t worry, we’re not going to barge into your insurance agent’s office and throw a huge stack of papers at them, demanding that they pay right at that moment. We’re certainly not going to harm your relationship with your insurance company or embarrass you in any way.

In fact, we want to be nice. You catch more flies with honey, as the old saying goes. And in fact, most of the insurance companies know us pretty well, and we’ve become friendly with some of the adjusters. They know that we’re friendly, but we’re not going to back down if they’re trying to undercut you. Speaking of which…

We’ll Fight For What Your Insurance Covers

Unfortunately, some insurance companies will simply deny claims — either all or part of them — the first time it comes in. They think that you don’t know exactly what your insurance covers, and hope that you just go away. It really doesn’t cost them anything to say no. It will cost you if you take their first off, though.

That’s not the way it should be, but unfortunately, that’s the way it often works. But, as we just said, we’ve worked with all of the major insurance companies and they know we’re not going to go away easily. When they see us coming, they might not run the other way, but they know that we know what’s owed for the roof replacement or repair. In this case, they’re a bit less likely to try to pull anything, because trying to do so would be wasting their own time.

You Have To Do So Little

It’s actually kind of amazing how little you have to do when you get the help of a good roofing company to deal with your roof. After all, it’s your house…shouldn’t you have to answer a lot more questions.

You’d be surprised. Yes, there will be some questions from your insurance company, such as confirming which roofing company you want to go with. But you don’t necessarily have to be there on the day that the adjuster meets with the roofing agent, and you don’t have to file out a lot of paperwork. In fact, you don’t even have to be there on the days we’re putting on your roof!

Why do we work so hard for you? Well, to be honest, we’ll take care of all of that because we want your business! (Which is, in some ways, the insurance’s business.) We’re more than happy to perform one of our specialties — working with the insurance companies —  in order to be the ones to take care of your roof

We Know What Your City Requires

Every city and state has different requirements when it comes to roof repair or replacement. While one city says that a particular addition is needed in order to keep things up to code, a nearby city might say that it’s not needed for code.

Unfortunately, many adjusters —  the kind that works remotely, not the ones we meet on-site — are out of state when it comes to national insurance agencies. They have a basic list of what will be covered by their insurance company, but because they’re so far away they have no idea of what the local code says.

Who knows what the local code says? Your local roofing company. That’s because we work in so many cities and towns throughout Georgia, and we’re up-to-date on up-to-code.

We Can Still Get You Upgrades

Don’t worry, we’re not going to the insurance company to demand that you get a new tile roof with frame reinforcement if you had asphalt shingles before.

But when you work with an insurance company, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to get exactly what you had before. If you decide that you want to upgrade, we can help you upgrade! Since you’ll be getting enough back to cover a standard roof, now is the time to get an even nice one if you choose.

Convinced That Roofers Are The Way To Go?

There’s one type of person who might decide to not work with a roofing company and have them work as liaisons in order to get the new roof on. And that person is simply someone who likes to argue! If you’re the kind of person who knows their insurance plan inside and out, and you really like doing paperwork and arguing with other people, then you might not want us to handle your claim.

The fact is, even people who work in insurance decide to let us handle everything. After all, we have the expertise in both insurance and roofing to make sure that every “I” is dotted and every “T” is crossed, so why should they waste their time. Our insurance services are essentially free, so there’s really no need to waste your time.

If you have a roofing claim you need to make, we look forward to hearing from you. Contact us today to learn more!

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