What To Watch Out For When Dealing With A Damaged Roof

What To Watch Out For When Dealing With A Damaged Roof. If your roof has suffered enough damage from a weather event — whether it’s a huge hailstorm or winds that ripped shingles off — it’s very likely that the cost of your roof repair or replacement will be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. This is something you should take full advantage of because your roof is the first line of defense against the elements. Having one huge storm in June doesn’t mean another won’t be along in July, and you want to have your roof in the best condition possible when it hits.

If you have a damaged roof and are looking for a roofing company, here are some things to watch out for when it comes to dealing with an insurance company and the roofers. 

Don’t Pay For Inspections

As we discussed in this article, the cost of new roof installation is certainly worth it…but they’re certainly not cheap! Because quite a bit of money is involved, roofing companies want your business. That means many of them (including Roofing Resources of Georgia) will do a no-cost inspection of your roof to find out if roof repairs or a new roof installation could be covered by your insurance company.

Be Wary of the Guy Who Comes Knocking

If there’s a big hailstorm in the area, don’t be surprised if your doorbell rings. Many roofing companies will send someone door to door offering their services because they know that 1) a lot of damage has occurred, 2) everyone has homeowner’s insurance, and 3) they have to secure the contracts before another roofing company comes along.

We’re not saying that every roofer who stops by is trying to scam you; some very reputable companies take advantage of storms and send people around to drum up business. But we are telling you to be careful about who you let up on your roof. Letting an uninsured person on your roof could open you up to a lawsuit, even if they’re just doing an inspection. It’s better to take their phone number and research the company, ensuring they have a good reputation and proper insurance before you ever agree to an inspection. If they are reputable, they’ll be more than happy to go away and then come back when you call. 

Even better, just go ahead and do your research for roofing companies the moment the hail stops. After all, if you have hail damage, hundreds of other houses in the area do too. Calling a company with a great reputation right away (instead of waiting for someone to stop by and ring your doorbell) is the best way to make sure that you’re at the front of the line instead of having to wait months while other people get new roofs. 

Watch Out For Lowball Quotes

Despite the likelihood of insurance paying the bulk of the cost, some people will choose to go with the lowest bidder. Watch out! If you get two separate quotes for a $5,000 roof replacement and then have someone come along and say they can do it for $2,500, they’re definitely cutting corners somewhere. If you go with them you’ll most likely end up having problems with the roof almost immediately. 

Don’t Worry About Taking Advantage of a Roofer’s Help

Unless you’re one of the three people in Georgia who actually enjoy dealing with insurance companies, you can sit back and let the roofing company take care of most of the paperwork. Again, roofers want your business and will go the extra step of dealing with insurance companies if it means they get the job. Since companies like ours deal with insurance companies every day, we know the best ways to approach them regarding particular claims. 

Ready To Work With the Best?

If you need help with your roof, we know you don’t want to deal with the insurance company. RROG will take care of it for you! Contact us today to schedule a free roofing inspection and get the process started!

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